Wisdom tooth eruption and its removal is one of the most common dreaded ailments for any individual. A wisdom tooth generally erupts in this age duration of 17-25 years. Wisdom teeth that are healthy, properly positioned and functionally well do not cause any problems and do not require to be extracted.

Sometimes the wisdom tooth does not get enough space to erupt in the oral cavity and may be crooked or facing the all possible wrong directions. This is known as impacted wisdom tooth. An impacted tooth refers to a tooth which has failed to emerge fully into a respected position. X ray investigations are done to determine the position of the tooth.

Why is it necessary for wisdom tooth removal?

Not all wisdom tooth require its removal. Only in certain conditions where the wisdom tooth is totally or partially impacted as this causes pain and swelling of the surrounding gum and bony area. These impacted teeth may also apply pressure on the adjacent healthy tooth (second molar) causing decay and infection. Also these teeth are difficult to clean.

The Doctors at Seena Dental make your wisdom tooth removal visit is free of pain & anxiety so that you don’t have any post surgical problems.

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