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Tooth Extraction Treatment


Wisdom teeth or the third molars which help humans for grinding plant tissue. There are 4 wisdom teeth which came in adult age which is located at top corners of mouth on the top and bottom. If wisdom tooth does not have sufficient space to grow then problems like Swelling around mouth, Bad smell, Teeth pain and biting will be occurred.

These teeth also damage other teeth, so wisdom teeth extraction takes place. Due to the wisdom teeth removal, it changes the shape of face. If feel discomfort with wisdom teeth, then consult dentist for wisdom teeth surgery.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth/teeth extraction is a clinical procedure of removing one or more wisdom teeth. It is easy to extract wisdom teeth when it has fully broken out. 

    If wisdom teeth are not removed, then partially braked wisdom tooth can lead to bacterial infection called Pericoronitis. Wisdom tooth which have not erupted can lead to the damage of bone and gum tissue. Wisdom teeth are also often removed when they come in curve or in angle.

Precautions after removal of wisdom teeth:

  • Keep ice cube at the place where the wisdom teeth have removed. Then swelling should be controlled.

Wisdom tooth extraction cost will be depending on your tooth damage. Seena naik Dental hospital is the best hospital in Panjagutta, The Dentist will provide best treatment in affordable.

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