Dental Crown and Bridge for Teeth


Dental crown or Bridge is a type of complete dental restoration which completely protects a tooth especially in largely damaged teeth due to cavities/ caries. These dental crowns replace the normal anatomy of the tooth promoting similar look and function of a natural tooth without change in aesthetics or appearance.

A crown is usually recommended to

  • Cover a tooth that had a root canal treatment
  • Restoration of a chipped or fractured tooth
  • Replace a large filling when there is not enough tooth structure remaining
  • Attach a bridge.

A bridge may be recommended of you have one or more missing tooth.

The most commonly available dental crown are Metal Ceramic and Zirconium variety. As we have our own state of the art dental laboratory and a experienced dental technician, we strive to ensure that the quality and standard of the crowns is unique and world class.Metal ceramic crowns are the most common type of crown used in fixed prosthetic dentistry. This Fulfills functional and conscious conditions and protects the tooth carrier. Metal ceramic crowns are best choice for the rear teeth as well as for the front.

Lava Dental Crown

LAVA crown are one of the strongest crowns available in the world providing translucency. Lava dental crown comes with a 5 year warranty on a complete crown or bridge.

Zirconia Dental Crown

ZIRCONIA – zirconia dental crown is the latest dental material suitable for single crowns and Bridges. Zirconium is a synthetic diamond with exceptional strength, toughness. It is the most aesthetic of the present crowns.

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