This branch of dentistry deals with dental care needs of the children and adolescents. Many parents feel that the milky teeth are not important even if they become carious and tend to neglect this aspect of the kids oral health. But we would like to clear this doubt that the maintenance of these milky teeth are equally important to the overall kids health and it reflects in their personality. A good oral Hygiene habits starts with the proper care taken for these teeth and it helps in developing a sense of understanding in the children thinking.

The sugar content intake for the children has increased in recent times. Due to this reason there is a high incidence of caries being noticed.

The first visit to a dental clinic for a child should be around 1-2 years of age or around their birth date. This helps to look at the status of the milky teeth that have erupted in the oral cavity by this age. Also the kids get familiar with the dental clinic.

During the age duration of 2-5 years, the general growth and development of the children is assessed. Counseling for parents and their wards about proper oral health and hygiene. A professional cleaning is recommended to ensure that your child’s mouth is plaque and bacteria free. Other treatments include FISSURE SEALANTS, FLUORIDE TREATMENTS, RESTORATIONS, PULP THERAPY (ENDODONTICS) AND PROSTHESIS if required!!

During the age duration 6-12 years, it is important for the parents to understand that the teeth is most prone to plaque accumulation. This is because the child may not be brushing well due to discomfort. Also, there are pockets formed in the gum area because of eruption of teeth .Decay in the teeth is therefore much likely to occur in this age. Also, it is important for the parent and the child to understand that the new teeth are not completely mature and hence maintenance of oral hygiene should be of prime importance! Some additional fluorides too could be helpful at this stage.

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