Traditionally missing teeth were replaced by ceramic bridges which used the support of the adjacent tooth. But some people felt why the extra burden on the adjacent tooth and is there any option to place a tooth on its own without the support of the surrounding teeth. Thus came into existence the need of a self reliant and self supporting tooth. Now these problems are vanquished by the use of Dental Implants.

An implant is made up of an inert material (Titanium). These are small screws which act as mechanical roots for the crown to be placed above. There are a wide range of implants manufactured by different companies in the world. Implant can be placed regardless of age. The bone height is an important factor to decide the placement of implant.

Getting a high quality implant to replace a missing tooth with the expertise of our trained and skilled Implantologist at an affordable price is made easy. No one will be able to make out the difference between the implanted tooth and a natural tooth.

Implants can be placed for replacement of a single tooth or a number of missing teeth. Replacing lost tooth is easy and fast in current dental scenario. As it is a minimal invasive surgery and less painful with quick recovery time. The patients daily routine is not hampered with this procedure.

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